Validity of Import License

Besides import licence for import of restricted items there are other variety of licences and such licences have different period of validity.
Export Promotion Capital Goods Licence validity 24 months
Customs Clearance Permit " 12 months
DEPB " 12 months
Advance License/Special Imprest Licence
For Project/Turnkey Project "18 months or co-terminus with the contracted duration of the Project

For the cases where the license expires before the last day of the month, the license shall be deemed to be valid until the last day of that month.

Revalidation of License

License revalidation can be done on merits but not beyond 12 months by the concerned licensing authority for a period of six months at a time reckoned from the date of expiry of the validity period.

Last Date for Filling Applications

The last date for receipt of applications for grant of licenses is 28th February of the licensing year unless otherwise specified.