Products to Import

Be aware of the import potential and the commercial viability of the commodity/product.
Check whether the items of your interest fall in the Restricted list of ITC(HS) Classifications of Exports & Imports items.
Prohibited items are not permitted to be imported at all. List of Prohibited items of import are detailed below:
Tallow, Fat or Oils rendered, unrendered or otherwise of any animal origin, animal rennet and wild animals including their parts and products and ivory any part and products, including ivory.

For import of items appearing in Restricted list you need secure import licence. Third category of items comes under the Canalised list of items. Import of items included in Canalised list are permitted to be imported through Canalising Agencies. Thus items not appearing in Prohibited list, Restricted list and or in Canalised list can be imported Freely without any import licence. A large number of Consumer goods are freely importable without licence.