Annual Advance License

Manufacturer exporter with export performance of Rs. 1 crore in the preceding year and registered with excise authorities, except for products which are not excisable for which no such registration is required, shall be entitled for Annual Advance License.

Export House, Trading House, Star Trading Houses and Super Star Trading Houses Holding the certificate as merchant exporter where they agree to the endorsement of the name(s) of the supporting manufacturer on the relevant annual advance license shall also be entitled for the annual advance license.

This license and/or material imported thereunder shall not be transferable even after completion of export obligation. Such annual advance license shall be issued with positive value addition without stipulation of minimum value addition. The entitlement under this scheme shall be up to 125% of the average FOB value of export in the preceding licensing year. Imports against this is exempted from payment of Additional customs duty, Special Additional Duty, Anti Dumping Duty, Safeguard duty, if any, in addition to Basic customs duty and surcharge thereon.