Imports Customs Clearance

Imports Customs Clearance and the Customs Clearing agents play the key role in the import of goods. All goods imported into India have to pass through the procedure of Customs clearance as they cross Indian border. The goods are examined, appraised, assessed, evaluated and then allowed to be taken out of charge of the Customs for use by the importer. The entire process of customs clearance is complex and to carry out this procedure smoothly, the help of accredited customs clearing agents has to be taken.

The importers need to present a Bill of Entry on receipt of the advise of the arrival ofthe vessel. The Bill of Entry is noted in Import Department, with corresponding endorsementmade against the consignment entry in the IGM along with the date. The Bill of Entry will then be presented in the Appraising Department with all the relevant documents like customs invoice, Bill of Lading, Import license and catalogue literature.